Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally an Update

So we're terrible about updating the blog. We need to work on it, but between chasing Zack around the house and trying to have lives, we just never seem to find the time. Zack is not quite walking yet, but he can stand on his own, but he isn't sure what to do when he's standing.

As you can see in the pictures, Zack is eating really well. He's a little butterball now. Foster also scores at meal time, as Zack likes to share his Cheerios. Zack's grandparents were here this weekend so that Jess and I could go on a date to Napa. They've been working on some of his eating skills and he really likes to hold his own fork and eat bananas.

Oh and the best news is that his sleeping is so much better than it used to be. He just wakes up a little early still (5:15 - 5:45 most every mornings).

Here are some pics to placate the angry masses (also known as our family, particularly the grandmothers).

Holidays are fun...Dad took me to the swing on his day off and I met a little girl named Julia...she wanted me.

I found a new hiding spot...

...and got pretty ticked off when I couldn't get out.

I got to help my Popski do some projects. Mom & Dad had him install locks so I can't open cabinets...bummer.

Bath time is so much fun. Now if only Aunt LRN would return my duckies that she stole.

Apple juice is my favorite!

Grandma and Popski took me to the swing again, but it was a lot colder.

We went to Home Depot and I got to ride in the race car.

...but I think my Popski had more fun than me.

Sierra and Foster took advantage of Dad not being around and broke the rules.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Single Dad Week

I'm not going to say that I enjoy it when Jess is out of town, but, I really do enjoy the single Dad routine. We miss Mom, I'd like Zack to sleep in later than 5:15am, and I make tonight when I went and tried to put an extra blanket on Zack and he woke up. I hit the floor and tried to wait him out, only to have the dogs walk in the room and Zack stand up in his crib. I was on the floor laughing because I was hiding from my son. I finally got up (after maybe 10 minutes, enough time for Zack to take some more chunks out of the crib railing with his teeth), picked Zack up, got him a mini-bottle, and laid my boy back down to sleep.

Right now I'm in a living room littered with toys, but I couldn't be happier, because all I can see are the looks on Zack's face when he hits the baseball, pushes his cars, dials his cell phone, and stands with Sesame Street ("Eyes, they help you see our friends. Hello friend. Eyes, they help us see our friends. I see you. We have eyes and ear and a mouth and nose. Eyes, they help us see our friends" Yeah, I've heard it about 10 too many times).

All told though, I love Zack and I'd do anything for him. Caring for my baby boy is not easy, but it's also the best thing I've ever done. I'm so glad he loves going to school , because if he dreaded it I'm not sure I could leave him, but every day he is happy and playing when I leave him and so happy to see us when we pick him up.

Alright, Zack just woke up again, so upstairs I go...