Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Just got back from Florida and have to say that coast to coast traveling is no just takes so long to get where you are going!!! We left Tuesday night for Jacksonville...landed in Atlanta at 5:45am on Wednesday morning (mind you feels like 2:45am) and then got on another plane at 7 to head down to Jacksonville. Jeff's parents picked us up at 8 (thank you Ma and Pa Goz for waking up so early to come get us) and we then drove about an hour to the lake house in Keystone Heights. Made it to the house around 9:30am---10 hours of traveling! Same thing all over today except that we left the lake at 5:45am to make an 8am flight that was late to Atlanta so we had to RUN from the E terminal to the A terminal to catch our connection! Just not fun! The good thing is that traveling west you make up some time...our flight landed at 12:30 and we got to have a nice lazy day with the dogs (even let them hang out on the couch with us, what a treat!)

We had a great Thanksgiving...tons of food. All the girls chipped in and cooked while the boys did their thing and watched football (they got to do the dishes--no dishwasher at the lake!!!).

Although it had been raining all day, the weather cleared up enough for us to eat outside with the lake in the background. It was truly a gorgeous night and was great to be surrounded by friends and family. We all have so much to to be Thankful for! Janet--we missed you so much!!!!

On Saturday, we went to the UF-FSU football game...GO GATORS!!! Florida killed Florida State, which was the perfect way to end off the weekend! Even better, my Mom and Dad drove up from Palm Beach Gardens to hang out with Jeff and I for the day--what troopers, that is not a short drive! Love you Mom and Dad! Here's our rowdy crew at halftime...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 17 or Week 16?

How pregnant am I really?
I am so new to this pregnancy thing that I don't even know how pregnant I really am!! I have a pregnancy calendar that shows that I am about the be in my 17th week of pregnancy. So as of tomorrow I would tell people that I am 17 weeks pregnant. Apparently I am wrong!! As of tomorrow I will be 16 weeks pregnant.

If you look at the ticker today, it says I am 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant, not 16 weeks as I have been telling people all week long... Who knew! So thanks to the ticker, I will now know how far along I really am.
Due Date:
For those of you who didn't know, our due date is May 5th. How fitting for a little Goslin baby, right?! If the baby comes on its due date, we will definitely have a cinco de mayo party in the delivery room complete with margaritas, coronas, chips and salsa, queso, and costumes!!! Today Dale got me a sombrero and Bill promised to play the shakers like a mariachi guy! Too funny...but if the baby is anything like Jeff and me, he or she will definitely be late!!!

Speaking of he or she...many have asked if we are going to find out the sex of little baby Goslin. The answer is yes! Our official ultrasound appointment is Thursday Dec 6th..can't wait! It used to seem like ages ago but now its only about 2 and a half weeks away.
Weekend update:
Dale and Elaine came in for the weekend to participate in the 12th Annual North Beach Celebrity Pub Golf Pro Am...AKA 12th annual drunkass pub crawl in North Beach. You have teams of 4 (must have at least one girl per team) and you play 9 holes (aka go to 9 bars) where there is a par drink and a birdie drink at each hole. The birdie is almost always a shot. So figure 9 beers and 9 shots in about 4 hours...not pretty!!!

In the olden days, pre pregnancy this would have been right up my my alley but yesterday I just wasn't feeling it. Jeff and I did dress up (kind of) and we went for a little while, but there is something weird about being the pregnant woman (with a cold mind you) on a pub crawl! :-)
I did have an o'douls and a tonic and cranberry to be festive, but shortly there after went home, hopped in bed and caught up on my shows on pathetic! I was sleeping by 9!

Meanwhile, back at the golf tourney a good time was had by all! Check out some of the outfits...
Bills Birthday Brunch:
This morning we got up and at 'em to go to brunch to celebrate Bill's birthday. Jeff got so excited about going to Balboa cafe that he wore a sports coat. Ans yes, he is wearing flip flops! So random!
That's about it. We are going out for Day 2 of Christmas shipping today. We are getting close to being done...a definite first for us! We are usually the people running out to the mall , battling the crowds on Christmas Eve to get "that one last gift"...hopefully this year we will be able to relax and not worry about it once we get to Florida!

Oh, and one more thing...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving! I hope that you are able to enjoy quality time with family and/or friends and are able to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for! We will be heading to Florida to spend the holiday with Jeff's family. I don't think we will have internet access so we'll post again after the holidays!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 16

So the truth is that I started this blog on September 13th but have not been very good at keeping it up. I sent the link out to all of our friends and family today, so I promise to be good about updating you all on the progress of our pregnancy!

I changed the name on the blog so I am going to copy my last 3 posts onto this page so you can see where we started:

Sept 13th-"New Beginnings"
So my very first blog post is entitled New Beginnings....for the beginning of this blog, and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Two weeks ago Jeff and I found out that we are expecting our first child in May! We are almost 7 weeks into our 40 week journey.

I gotta tell is really hard to keep it a secret! I know the protocol is to wait until after your first trimester to officially announce your pregnancy...but it is hard to cover up my lack of drinking, waves of nauseousness, dizziness, and our overall excitement. Really, we WANT to tell people. We are so excitied!!! So we have the "short list" of people that we have told and are going to tell and then we will wait to tell everyone else at least until after our doctor's appointment on the 24th....wish us luck!!!!

Then I was really bad and didn't write again until yesterday Nov 10th-The title of the blog was "Terrible Blogger"

OK I can admit it...I am a terrible blogger! I guess its a good thing I didn't make the blog public after my first entry. I really have no good excuse not to be writing so I am going to try again.

Lots of people have been asking for pictures of "Prego Jessie"...well truthfully I look the same, just a little chubby...have gained about 5 pounds. I am just about 16 weeks along and feeling very good. I am glad to be past the morning sickness and the tiredness. I am actually feeling like my old self again. This morning I took a nice walk on the treadmill and Jeff and I took the pups to the park and tonight we are going to the Billy Joel concert. I am actually really excited! It is nice not to have to go to bed at 8:30!!!

More to come soon... I will post pics as soon as I pop, I promise!

Sunday Nov 11th:
Then today I woke up and realized that I needed to post again because as I was getting dressed last night for the concert, I realized that I totally lied yesterday. I am 16 weeks along and I am definitely starting to here's the first prego pic. :-) Jeff took it and of course made me laugh so ignore the silly look on my face. And yes, I am wearing maternity jeans because my normal jeans just don't cut it anymore. Maternity jeans: kind of like sweatpants but without the weird! I am not really big enough to hold them up yet so I spend much of the time I am wearing them pulling them up. It's okay though because they are much more comfortable than my normal jeans right now and I know I will soon fill them out with no problem!

As I was uploading the picture I realized that I have been pretty bad about uploading pics lately. So I am going to post a few here to update you on the last few weeks of life.

Stephen came to visit the weekend of Oct 12th. We had a good time despite that fact that I was still in in the first trimester (11 weeks along). On Saturday I chauffeured Stephen, Marty, and Jeff to Napa for a long day of wine tasting. The big question was "Jessie-how was it? You went to Napa and didn't drink a thing???" Truthfully it was totally fine. I was in good spirits and was with great company. Jeff was thrilled not to be driving me around for once so he definitely took advantage of the situation. He says I still owe him a few more trips!!!

Halloween 2007
Halloween was a little different this year, much more tame than years past. On the Saturday prior, we took the dogs to the Potrero Pet Parade (a local parade for charity.) We dressed up the pups and took them down to have their portraits taken. The pics were free, and we haven't gotten them yet, so who knows if we ever will. Sierra was a pimp (some of you have seen this costume before...last time she wore it, it was falling off of her...this time, not so much!) and Foster was a pumpkin. They looked really cute (OK so maybe only a mother would say that!)

Then that night we went to a Halloween/Birthday party at our friend Bill's house. Jeff actually had two costumes...check it out...Yes, Jeff wore a bag over his head as an embarrassed Florida Fan after the Gators lost to Georgia. So been a tough season for our young Gator team.
Shortly thereafter, he switched into his favorite nerd wedgy costume. It was pretty funny. I wore the generic mouse costume...I was so comfy!

Wait-is the pregnant girl drinking??? Yes, I got that question a few times throughout the evening. Of course I'm not drinking. Bill bought me sparkling pink lemonade and served it in a champagne glass. It was fabulous! We had a great time, but were in bed by midnight. Welcome to our new life!!!

Friday Nov 2nd-Monica came to visit
Mons came to visit her old SF stomping ground the weekend after Halloween. I was feeling so good, the crazy girl got me to stay out until 1:30 in the far the latest night in a really long time! Here we are before dinner....again, hard to see because it was taken on Monica's camera and I downloaded from Kodakgallery. Sorry!
While Mons was here, she took a picsture of our house. For those of you who haven't been out to see it, here it is, our pride and joy for the moment! If you look closely, I am in the bottom right of the picture and Foster is in the window in his usual spot, guarding the house!
Almost forgot, we've got to go way back to the weekend of August 10th, Dale and Elaine's wedding weekend....a weekend we will never forget ;-) Figured I should post a few pics from the conception weekend! rehearsal dinner
Elaine and Jessie on Elaine's Big Day
Jeff and Dale (should I be nervous??!!!)

So, for a bad blogger, that was a pretty long post, huh! More to come....