Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thank you so much to Elaine and Marty for hosting a fantastic Cinco de Mayo Fiesta for Baby Goslin! We had so much fun today. The party was great--complete with queso, margaritas, a sombrero and a pinata! Thank you to all of you for coming and celebrating the baby with us! Also a special thank you to my Atlanta girls for sending a gift to the shower. I know you were there in spirit and it means the world to me! Love you guys! A few pics...

Fiesta Sign! Love it!

A Family of Burroughs surrounded by mini margarita glasses!

Marty, Me, and Elaine---Thank you to the fabulous hostesses!

The whole gang--please note sombrero and pinata!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mystery Gift?

We received a mystery gift in the mail.
If any of you know who got us the Summer Infant Day Spa, please let us know.
It will be wonderful to use for bathtime, and we are so thankful and would love to send a thank you note to whoever sent this to us but just don't know who...Thank you!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Introducing Baby Goslin

Here are some pics from our 3D ultrasound!
It was so cool to see him!
He smiled, sucked his thumb, rubbed his eyes, and yawned while we were watching him!
Check out the 5th one, he was so sad!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

After being gone for 2 weeks, it is so nice to be home! I love my house, I love my pups, and I love my bed and my snoogle pillow!!! We all snuggled up last night in the bed for a cozy first night and baby with the snoogle pillow, Sierra and Foster in the middle, and Jeff on the other side....I don't know how we all fit in a queen bed, but we did! I guess the pups will have alot of adjusting once Baby arrives!

Baby Update
We had a first this morning. At 5am baby woke me up with a strong kick to my ribs (that's not new), but shortly after that, he had the hiccups. It was pretty funny. I tried to wake Jeff up to watch my belly move up and down, but he was a sleepy head. The hiccups only lasted like a minute or so, but it was new and different. He has been very active lately, moving around alot and kicking and punching. It is definitely amusing!

So where have we been for two weeks?
First New York for work. It was my last trip before Baby so it was very very busy and a little bit stressful. My days were long, mostly all starting by 8 and continuing through until 7 or so. I was so dead and tired by Thursday, so it was perfect that I was headed home to FL Thursday night!

Baby Shower in Florida
Jeff and I met at the West Palm Beach airport Thursday night at 11pm for a weekend in sunny Florida. My sisters and My Mom threw me a Fabulous Baby shower on Saturday. It was so fun...and I gotta tell you this little guy is so lucky to already be loved by so many people! Kelly and Peyton came down from NC for the shower, Nuh came over even though she was getting married the next day, Nikki came up from Miami, Marisa and Katie, my Aunt and cousin suprprised us by showing up from Connecticut...of course I cried! And so many more. Really, it was just such a nice day. Jeff and I feel so lucky to know all of you and have you in our lives!!! Here are a couple of pics form the day...

me and Cara, the best party planner ever!!!!

cute little baby gator clothes--his closet is getting full!

Nicole and John's Wedding

Sunday we all went to Nicole and John's wedding. Nuh and I have been friends since high school and lived together for 2 years in college. She was an absolutely gorgeous bride and we had such a great time at her wedding. Her 3 year old twins were just adorable, and were the life of the party! We wish Nuh and John a lifetime of love, laughter, and continued friendship!

Yes, that's my Dad boogying down on the dance floor with me, Nicole, and Meghan! By the way, he was dancing to his favorite song, LOW by Flo-Rida!!!

Me and Nuh

Cara, Meghan, and me---Abby we we missed you!!!!

Bahamas for Babymoon!

On Monday Jeff and I left for our last vacation before the arrival of our little boy! We took the 35 minute flight over to the Bahamas for a relaxing babymoon at the Sheraton Cable Beach. We had a fabulous time realxing by the pool and drinking non alcoholic daquiries.

A few comments:

-People are so weird! I had so many random people come up and talk to me about being pregnant, having kids etc. The weirdest one was the 47 year old man from NYC who had cancer at the age of 25 and froze his sperm back then and now has impregnated his wife via invetro (after 4 tries). I am geuninuely happy for them but felt it was a little TMI to tell a random person on vacation. He went on to tell me that they will probably be on the Today show because his sperm is the oldest ever to have been fertilized.

Another wierd one was the lady who stopped me in the Bahamas (at the aiport after we landed)and asked me if I am allowed to fly. No lady I am not allowed to fly but I just got off the plane...weirdo!!!

-Some old people are so mean. I don't want to see my parents become "old people" and I don't want to get old! There was a baby on the plane from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas that cried the whole trip (all 35 minutes of it)....the old people across from us (3 couples) complained the wwole time and then one of them said "kind of makes you hate babies"...Why lady? Why did you say that? I am sure she has kids and grandkids or has friends with kids and grandkids...and I just thought it was a very sad thing for her to say.

-The name game...I think I have lost all say in naming our baby. Jeff is pretty adament that his name be Hunter and has told pretty much everyone we know. He even had my family trying to convince me that it is a great name. My Dad, who never gives his opinion on anyting said he loves the name Hunter. I am not going to give up yet, but don't be surprised if our little guys name ends up being Hunter.

-I can't believe that in 10 or so weeks Jeff and I are going to be parents!!! Crazy!!!!!!!