Saturday, June 28, 2008

Muir Woods With Cara

Zack was 8 weeks old this past Wednesday!!! Time is just flying by! Cara and I took him on a walk in Muir woods to see the Redwood trees. Was a great hike and the trees are just amazing however, for a Wednesday there were way too many people there (tourists) and Zack slept the whole time...oh well!

Zack's usual pose on the couch with his favorite blanket
Cara amongst the trees


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Cara arrived Sunday to come meet nephew what better way to spend her first day here, than wine tasting in Sonoma. Jeff took the day off work, and true to form had a perfect day set up for us. We hit 2 wineries, Fisher and Ledson, both were private tastings, and both were fabulous. Can't believe that at 7.5 weeks old, it was Zack's 2nd trip to wine country (when my parents were here we hit Napa)....

Family Photo
Zack-enjoying the warmer weather in Sonoma(54 degrees in SF)

Sisters minus Abby, tasting a little vino at Ledson

Zack and the girls

Kisses from his Aunties
Father and Son
With Auntie Cara

Monday, June 23, 2008

Zack's 1st Race!

So before we head up to Sonoma today, figured we post some pics from the weekend.

So there was a massive heat wave that finally broke yesterday and made sleeping very uncomfortable, except Zack who didn't seem to care. I actually think he enjoyed sleeping in a diaper and pretty much being mostly nekkid for a few days.

Saturday we got up way too early and drove way out to the burbs for a trail run and hike at Lynch Canyon ( I did the run with TK and Philipious. Jess and Zack did the hike with chicks (Malee, Yobin, etc.). It was too early for Nanny Meghan to get up though. It was at least 90-degrees when we started at 8am. The run was a 10k and the guys thought it would be easy...WRONG! It was a bitch! 1400 foot vertical gain and it hurt us all, but the views were great. I think the cows thought we were crazy (which was definitely the case for the fools that got suckered into the half marathon). Ironically, the chicks complained that the hike was too easy. Anyway, here are the pics. Off to Sonoma!

Zack, getting ready for his run. He brought G2, to stay hydrated.
Did we fail to mention that there were cows grazing where we were running? They were on the trail, but they were fairly courteous and stayed out of the way. A bull decided to put on a show for the hikers though when he mounted a cow right in front of them.
Jess and Zack making a push for the lead going up the hills.
Jeff going full tilt down the hill to the finish (and really trying to make sure I didn't fall).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Funnies

I'm in a car on my way to SFO now for a quick trip to Minneapolis for work and remembered a few funny things this weekend that I had to post. I'll be back tomorrow night, but this is the 1st night I'll have spent away from Zack and Jess since he was born.

1) That's my boy! On Friday, I got up and fed Zack a 4oz bottle. Then I put him in the co-sleeper with Jess and hopped in the shower. She came in with him breast feeding 5 minutes later to ask if I had fed him (it seemed like she thought I hadn't and was kind of pissed). So he got his bottle and got back in bed and manipulated Jess into feeding him again. My boy's a genius...and a pig!

2) When I found out I had this trip, I told Zack he was going to be the man of the house and he got a massive grin and started laughing. I guess that's excitement.

3) At the BBQ yesterday, I was in the kitchen making Zack a bottle. That's when I started thinking to myself, "things have changed...I'm at a party mixing a drink and it's formula, not a flaming Dr. Pepper, not a girlie drink to get Jess hammered, not shots, nope, formula for the baby." This point was further reinforced a bit later when someone mixed up a watermelon drink with tequila in it.

Alright, time to go get my inspection for Clear ( I have my passport, I know there is fingerprinting and iris scanning involved too. I'm just hoping that the whole body cavity search thing was a joke.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Another weekend...more running around. Summer in SF is all about 2 things: 1) cool, foggy weather and 2) festivals. This weekend was North Beach Festival. Jessie made us wake up early to go get breakfast and then beat the crowds. So much for mine and Zack's plan to go back to sleep after the 7am feeding...and so much for Meghan's normal routine of sleeping in until noon.

After breakfast at Stacks (so good!) and a present from the a-hole meeter maids, we headed to North Beach. We were close to the 1st people there. We hung out for a little bit and grabbed a beer. Zack also got denied admission to the beer garden, because he's underage. Watch out for those 6 week olds, trying to sneak beers.

North Beach festival was lame and had about nothing going on, so we headed to 'Philipious' and Malee's for a little house party (we were early...everyone else was casually late). Unlike Union Street, this was actually a "little" house party and it was nice to know most everyone there. Of course, Zack stole the show (what's new), followed (not so closely) by Rock Band on the PS3. Philipious and Malee definitely had skillz, while I battled Grant for the worst drummer ever. We also saw Austin, the Forbush girls' cousin, who was up from LA with his girlfriend, Katie. Austin was petrified to hold Zack and won the award for holding him the farthest from his body (took that from Nate).

This morning the Drill Sargent was all over us to do stuff around the house. So much for a relaxing Father's Day. We had some laughs too about last night's middle of the night feeding, where I had a bit of a problem waking up and then tuning into reality. I must have been having a nightmare about work (no seriously I was).

Late in the afternoon we headed out to Tiburon for a BBQ at Katie's folks' place. We took the whole family out there...Jeff, Jess, Zack, Megs, Sierra, and Foster. They had the whole set of labs (black, chocolate, and yellow) so our pups fit in fine. Eventually there were 7 dogs there and ours were relatively well behaved. Relatively...Foster immediately ran onto the pool tarp. Sierra chased a ball over the hedges, which was a 4 foot drop into more bushes, then another 4 feet. Maybe that will teach her not to be obsessed with balls, but I doubt it since she immediately found another ball.

Of course Zack was the main attraction. Katie's Mom ate him up. I think Austin and Katie will be getting pressure for a grandbaby immediately...even if they aren't married yet. Her grandfather asked if he could take him home. Luckily we escaped with Zack and got him home just in time to put him down for the night. The dogs are beat too! Anyways, here are some pics (yeah, the views were amazing).

Friday, June 13, 2008

6 weeks old and a smile caught on camera!

Oh the little milestones...I am just in love with this picture! Zack is such a cutie at 6 weeks...and still eating lots and gaining weight just fine. We went for a weigh in on Tuesday and he was 9 pounds 12 ounces...10 pounds is right around the corner!

I personally had an annoying week...3 days in a row at the Doctor's office...
tues: 6 week check up went fine...weird comment from the doc "well Jessica, you are cleared for sex and exercise" ok, thanks doc, thanks, i'll get right on that...
ironically, that night, Zack had his most fussy night ever...cried from 3-4:30 (he has never ever done that!)
wed: different doctor tells me my sinus infection is "really bad and you waited a little too long to come see me" ... sorry doc, i have a 6 week old at home, and I am just not the priority right now..when has anyone ever heard me say that??? Reality check that life really does revolve around little Zack, and I am totally OK with that! Who would've thought?
thurs: 2nd most painful thing to happen to me in the past couple of months...IUD...that's all I have to say. I hear that they are great but let me tell you, insertion, not so fun! Probably TMI for most of you, but oh well, my life is an open book these days!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Little Stud Muffin!

I am totally obsessed with pics I know but check this little guy out! Is he a stud or what!?

More pics from our outing to sushi with Nate last night and some from our mellow morning....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Boys Night In....

Boys Night In, aka Girls Night Out was a big success and I will definitely want to do it again! Jeff, Meghan, Zack and I all went over to Eric, Nadja, and Sydney's for dinner and then the girls went out to have some wine (OK alot of wine!) and see Sex and the City and the Boys stayed in to babysit Zack and Sydney (Sydney was born April 14th so is about 2 weeks and 4 pounds older than Zack)....The report from the boys was that the babies were great! Our little porker decided he wants to get as big as Sydney and ate 8 ounces of formula while I was gone (that is ALOT of formula considering he usually only has 2-4 oz!). Here are some pics....

Me and Zack and Nadja and Sydney (yes, i know i look sleepy!!!!! oh well!)

Nadja and Sydney

Tummy Time

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Zacks first hockey game

We made it to Jeff's hockey game last night and they won 7-4 yaaaaayyyy!!!! Jeff played really well too so we were so glad to be there to cheer him on!

Here's the fam after the game...Dad was nice and sweaty (and stinky too!)

Jeff...ready for some ice time...
Father and Son
Mommy and Baby

Uh oh...Jeff's in the penalty box...BS call ref!! :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dad would never make me wear this!!

but Mommy thinks it's adorable!!! hehehe!!!

1 month and 4 days old and....

9 pounds!!!! YAY!
When we left the hospital on May 3rd Zack weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and today a little over a month later he has gained just about 2 pounds. The doc is thrilled and of course so are Jeff and I! The only bummer is that the Dr. still wants us to feed him on demand, which much of the time is every 1.5 to 2 hours. She said he is in a growth spurt right now and will gradually start eating less frequently but for now he needs to eat when he is hungry...I asked if I can overfeed him, because what do I know, and she assured me he will let us know when enough is enough...

We are going to try to take another big outing tonight to go see Jeff play hockey. It's an 8pm game which is rare (they are usually at 10 or 11pm) so we are going to try our best to make it happen!
Then tomorrow I have a much needed hair appointment and Thursday I am going out on a girls night with some other mommies for drinks and to see sex and the city. Jeff is going to have his first night home alone with Zack!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am still feeling a little bit out of touch with reality and haven't talked to all of you as frequently as I would like to, and some of you I haven't spoken to at all :-( Please feel free to call me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Who knows, I may even pick up the phone!!!
Oh, and if you are reading this, leave a comment. They are fun to read and let us know that we are not talking to the wall!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Gator

I think this outfit is from Auntie Laura...Zack is in his first Gator outfit so of course I had to post a few pics! I am obsessed, I know! Aren't you glad I am not spamming your inbox with emails...the blog is much better so you can check only if you desire!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Union Street

So Jess posted the pictures of Zack in his lady killer outfit yesterday for Union Street Festival, but I figured I'd add some commentary.

Zack was real excited to go "cougar hunting." In case you don't know what courgars are, here's a reference: He had to wait a bit though, because we were meeting up with Matt Fetter (AKA - "Matty Cakes" or just "Cakes") who was in SF for a bachelor party. I'd guess lunch with a baby had to be different than the rest of the bachelor party weekend. After lunch we worked our way through the crowds to Bill's place for his annual Union Street party.

We thought it would be nice to get out of the crowd and sit down at Bill's for a while...WRONG!!! Place was packed. Seriously, I think Bill knows more people than anyone in SF. The reaction of people at the party was amusing.
  • Chicks (cougars in particular with biological clocks ticking like time bombs) were drawn to him like fly paper.
  • Then there were the kids (maybe 1-2 years out of undergrad) that were freaked out. I was holding Zack in Bill's 2nd room and a guy peeked around the corner, looked like he saw a ghost, and ran out of the room...for real, he ran!
  • When I walked from one side of the apartment to the other the crowd parted like the Red Sea.
  • As people were about to shotgun beers someone saw Zack and in a totally freaked out manner started telling Bill, "There's a baby at the party. No Bill, I'm serious, there's a baby at the party." At that point I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to pass Zack's bottle to Bill to fill with water. Again, another dude totally freaked out.
  • Then there were our friends who were seriously all over Zack and wanted to hold him or just "waste time" staring at him.

Eventually we realized that the party was just too crowded and out of contol and we had to bail. So we left Meghan to party with the kids. We think Zack liked his 1st Union Street Festival, but he's more a low-key guy than a hard core party least now.