Saturday, May 31, 2008

Union Street Festival

Big Outing today!
We went down to the Union Street Festival and to a party at Bill's place.
We got to see Matty Cakes (one of our really good friends from Atlanta--might not like us posting his name as Matty Cakes in the blog, oops) are some pics...Jeff will post something clever and witty later I am sure!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Zack weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce today!
That's right, since Friday he has gained 8 ounces! The average is an ounce a day so he is really doing well and playing catch up! The Dr. said he looked really good and was starting to get some of his baby chub! Now we don't have to go back until next Tuesday...such a relief!

A couple of funny things:
Zack decided it was a good idea to pee all over the room while he was getting weighed...yup...just like that he peed everywhere! Luckily he missed the Doc, and she was a good sport about it. I feel bad for the poor nurse who had to clean up the scale, the wall, and the computer!

I asked the Dr. about the newly formed birthmark...and...we are not sure if it is a birthmark or just a spot from the nitrate that was used on his belly button. We will watch it the next couple of days and let you know!

That's all..I know we need to post some pics...will do soon!

Hey, a Smudge???

So this past weekend I saw a smudge on Zack basically right below where his 6/8 pack will be in a few years. It was under his diaper, so I figured some things mixed around and tried to wipe it off. It wouldn't come off, he was getting pissed, so I gave up. Then Jess tried the same thing yesterday, which is when we realized he has a birthmark that kind of resembles Australia.

Now to me the name birthmark would imply that it would be there at birth, but much to my surprise when I looked it up online this morning, I'll be damned if they can't develop in the first couple months too. That's absolutely bizarre in my book.

Jess and Nanny Meghan are taking Zack to the doctor for his every-other-day weigh in at 10:30 this morning, so we'll see if he's still adding weight. He should be because he's been eating every 2 hours, except yesterday when he decided to make it every hour. The kid gets really fussy when you take the bottle away from him too. He could have formula pouring down his chin and chest but try to slow it down and clean him up and he will wail and try to grab anything he can (usually a finger or a shirt). I guess he knows what he wants and won't take no for an answer.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good News

Went to doc today and Zack is up to 7 lbs 10.5 oz...still not at birth weight, but making progress! Going back on Tuesday...will keep you updated. In the meantime, Mom is beyond tired...we nurse, pump and bottle feed every two if you do the math on that, there is really only about 45 min to an hour between each feeding for Mom to rest! Thankfully both Jeff and Meghan have been a tremendous help and are both champion bottle feeders! Oh and by the way, we are going to go broke going to the Doc for weight checks...$20 a pop and they want us to go every 2 days! Yikes! Love you Zack and hoping you get big fast!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nanny's Night Out

So our nanny (Jessie's baby sister Maghan) is out on the town running around our old stomping grounds. She's at Silver Cloud in the Marina for karaoke. Granted we rarely frequented Silver Cloud (and for anyone who has heard Jess sing, that is a good thing!). Just makes us think again how much things have changed for us. Actually with a holiday weekend we'd be out of town (at Hinkle and Misty's wedding this year), but any other weekend we'd have been out on Union or Chestnut at least a time or two per weekend, with a stop at Pizzeria Orgasmica and of course the Mona Loa.

Of course we have someone more important to take care of now. After a bunch more visits to the doctor this past week and blood work too, we still don't know why the little guy isn't gaining weight. He's up to 7-9 (a gain of only 1 ounce this past week) and the doctor is concerned that he isn't back to his birth weight and is losing all his baby fat. As a result our sole focus is to get him fattened up. Every 2 hours Jess feeds him and then I give him 2 more ounces of formula (the free samples we got in the mail came in hand, although I don't think we'll turn him into a hippie and use the soy varietal). The little guy seriously ends up in a food coma and halfway through the formula ends up with half of what he takes in dripping down his chin (dead sexy!). We go for another weigh in tomorrow, so we'll see if it is working (if they need to see some weight gain, I could hop on the scale for them).

Forgot to mention this, but the good news is all of Zack's blood work cam back normal, and he's acting like a normal baby and is super strong. It's frustrating to have everything appear to be going so well, only to find out Zack isn't gaining any weight. I know it's particularly rough on Jess. I just don't get what's going on. Maybe his metabolism is just wicked fast or something.

So a few amusing things about the doctor's visit.
- When the doc wrote up the form to get a tech to draw some blood it said "STAT. " Yes, the sheet of paper said STAT on it. For real, I remember in college where we said STAT all the time just for the hell of it, but that was the 1st time I ever heard the term used legitimately.

- Zack was about as big a fan of having blood drawn as his old man...look, I don't like needles.

- Speaking of my distaste for needles, as they were getting ready to stab (a term I used at the doctor's) Zack and take his blood, I started kind of hyperventilating and I had to step out into the hall (yeah, I'm a chicken sh*t!).

Dogs are still adapting well to Zack. Sierra is sneaking cheek and head licks now too. Foster and Sierra re really torn in the evenings too. They aren't sure if they should sleep with us or Meghan.

Alright, time to feed the baby...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Routine or coincidence?

I am happy to say that Zack has slept in his co sleeper (bassinet that attaches to the bed for my non mommy friends) 2 nights in a row! I am not sure if we are into a new routine or if it is just a coincidence, but I'll take it either way!!!! Jeff and I both slept much better not worrying about rolling over and smooshing the lil' guy...

This week has been a whirlwind...we have been desperately working on increasing my milk supply so that Zack gains some weight before his Dr. appointment on Friday. Let's just say that when you are nursing every 2.5-3 hours and pumping 4 times a day, there is not much time for anything else. I am taking "more milk plus" capsules, drinking nursing tea, and even had a beer at dinner...I am trying everything I can so I know I gave it my all before they make me supplement with formula. I'm convinced that's what they are going to tell me Friday...and I know its not the end of the world, but I'm really disappointed...I really wanted to breast feed only...but obviously his health and growing big and strong are most important!

Here are some pics of Jeff's first bottle feed (he was pretty nervous)...BTW, regarding the bottle, we had to try like 4 different bottle before we found one Zack would drink from. He is a total bottle snob...likes the Adiri bottles (who has ever even heard of these?

Here is Zack with his auntie Meghan

And with mommy

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Back...

Alright, someone needs to post updates, so I'm back. It's been gorgeous this week too (or as they call it on the news out here, a "severe heat warning"), so Zack has been out and about with Jess and Mare. They met me downtown for lunch one day, went to Golden Gate Park a couple times and of course hit the mall (which was in honor of New Kids On the Block who had an embarrassingly pathetic performance on Today this morning and also had a line in their new song about meeting girls at the mall...the word pedophile comes to mind since I don't think 40 year olds should pick up chicks at the mall).

Last night Mare watched Zack so Jess and I could go out on a date. We went to Park Chalet and we were shocked we hadn't been there before. We'll definitely be back. There were tons of strollers and even more dogs out on the lawn. The fact that it was 80 made it perfect...very abnormal for Ocean Beach.

This morning we had his 2 week check up and although he's eating and seems very healthy, he's still not up to his birth weight and he's shrinking. We thought we'd get told he was a porker and was over 8 pounds, but in reality he's only up to 7 pounds 8 ounces and shrank a half inch to 20". We figure the shrinking had to do with his cone head turning into a normal head. We're going back for another check up next week to make sure he's growing properly, since he's only in the 15th percentile for weight, 21st for height, but 44th for head size. The pediatrician did say he looked healthy though (definitely not malnourished) and was really strong though. Summed up, little guy got screwed and inherited my lack of height, but he's got a big brain at least and some muscles to back it up too.

Other interesting things that have happened:
- Foster is full on licking Zack, mostly feet, but he gets in a slurp on the face from time to time.
- Sierra has now started licking her new master too.
- Sierra is very protective of Zack. She went ballistic when the tile guy tried to see Zack and did it again today when the cleaning ladies were saying good bye.
- Foster just ate a moth (that literally just happened)
- We found a place Zack will sleep at times without us (his Pack N Play with the vibrating bed in it). I think it just confuses him and gets him to sleep.
- We were changing Zack earlier and Zack started peeing. I mean peeing like a fountain. It was really impressive. Downside is he hit a computer...upside, it was hilarious.
- The Havaianas I ordered Zack arrived today. Now he has flops to match his Dad, although they are twice the size of his feet.
- Zack really like farting.

I just got back a bit ago from picking up Meghan. Zack met the 1st of his aunts tonight. He slept right through it. This weekend is a big one in the city, just not very baby friendly. We'll be passing on the Beer & Oyster Festival tomorrow and probably won't make Bay to Breakers Sunday either (although next year I want to set the dogs up as sleigh dogs for Zack...and some adult beverages too).

Instead, we're going to the Giants game tomorrow night and planning to do the Zoo Sunday. I'm sure we'll also get out tomorrow during the day to enjoy the weather.

Alright, we're watching Deadliest Catch and typing with Zack on my lap is killing my back. Sorry no pictures from me, but we'll post some after the weekend.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost 2 weeks old

...and growing bigger every day! Can't wait to see how much I weigh on Friday! Mom took a photo shoot of me yesterday and today. Here are some pics...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So tonight its Jessie logging on to say Thank you! Thank you for all of the cards, emails, texts, flowers, gifts, phone calls and well wishes! You are all so generous and thoughtful and I have had the hardest time calling anyone back to say thank although this is very generic, I truly am thankful to have all of you in our life!

Little Zack is truly an angel. He is a very good baby...we did have one bad, sleepless night filled with lots of screaming and crying, but other than that, it is alot of eating, sleeping, more eating, more sleeping, and diaper changing. I had no idea how tired I would be...I am so glad my Mom and Dad are here to help so I can rest while Zack is sleeping! Gotta run...time to take Zack from Mom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby's 1st Trip to Napa

Zack turned 1 week old today, so what better way to celebrate than sleeping in with me and a trip to Wine Country? Napa also gave us a chance to get outside and enjoy some great weather. We went Brix in Yountville in the Napa Valley. Lunch was delicious and the weather was even better (sunny and almost 80). I think Cliffy wants to move up there; however, he needs to learn a lot more about wine and "engaging in civilization" first.

Father and son (Note that since I haven't been at work in a week, I haven't been shaving. I thought that I could try to go to work tomorrow and say I am growing a beard, but Jess veto'ed that one.)

Zack with his Mom and "Bopschki" (yes that name is bizarre Mare)

After lunch, we headed over to Constentino. They were real sticklers on ID, so they didn't serve Zack. He got a little ticked off and decided he wanted to do a little tasting of his own, so Jess fed him in the car, so her trip kind of ended on a downer. Again, going out for extended trips is rough on her, so I think she needs to take it easy more.

After we got home, we gave the little guy another bath and he hated it just as much as yesterday. Just to prove how much he disliked it, he peed all over when he was getting dried off. To really drive the point home, he soiled his diaper 3 times over the next hour. OK, we get the point, but guess what, you're still going to get baths.

Right now, Jess is up resting and I'm typing with Zack on my lap and dreading having to go back to work tomorrow. It will suck not to be home with Zack and who knows how much I'll be up with him tonight too, plus the whole shaving thing too.

Remodeling Update: Getting closer. Painting will finish tomorrow and the rest of the appliances can be powered up after that. However, as of this evening, we have a cooktop, oven, microwave, hood, fridge, and of course the top priority, wine fridge operational. Dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer/dryer to come. The bathroom is coming along shortly behind with the shower door being the big thing we're waiting on. We'll post pics when everything is done.

Holy crap, I smell a skunk. A skunk sprayed in our yard or a neighbor's yard again. I just checked the dogs and fortunately this time they did not get sprayed.

Zack is also trying to compete in the odor competition, so I will be heading upstairs to change his diaper and then try to get some rest before he wakes us up to eat. Alright, who am I kidding, I won't wake up, so it will be Jess waking up for his midnight (and 2am, and 4am) snack.

Alright, who knows how good I'll be about updating this, since I actually have a day job again.

Who Is Ghengis?

So Bill stopped by yesterday and brought a hilarious cake. If you don't know the back story, when we couldn't agree on a name for the baby, our retarded friends decided that we should name him Genghis.

You don't look like my Daddy. And why do you smell like petchuly, hippie?

In the hospital, I was clued in that Zack would not like bath time, and boy were we right. Initially the running water soothed him, but...

Then he got real fussy.

Update on the pups, they like Zack and have taken to guarding him in his room.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The paparazzi was all over Zack (I think this may be our preferred spelling) this morning.

OK, I'm bored.
Enough already.
No, you don't need to give me a bath!

Up All Night

Lot's has been going on. Zack likes his grandparents and I think the feeling is mutual. Mare would hold him all day long and Cliffy has already been asking if he's going to visit his grandparents in Florida during summers. Sierra and Foster are also getting a bit more willing to approach him and this morning they both tried to sleep with me and him and Foster sneaked in a few licks of his hands.

Jess is definitely beat, because someone (Zack) doesn't like to sleep at night. He's a perfect angel during the day, but night time is a different story. He wants to eat, and then we see him smiling, which means diaper change time, then more eating. We tried to put him in the co-sleeper, but he just screamed, so Jess brought him into the bed for more food and then let him sleep between us (I realized that when I woke up and was scared I had rolled onto him).

Yesterday was another big day, which is why today is going to be very low key. Zack had a check up and Jess met with the lactation consultant. Our appointment was at 9:15am, which means we had to get up at 7:30am and we had to rush to make it on time (yeah, it took us almost 2 hours). In the afternoon folks were stir crazy and we wanted to escape the construction, so we took advantage of Friends & Family at Macy*s. Zach isn't a big fan of getting into his car seat, but he does settle down.

Here was a shot from Zack's 1st walk around the block

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Zack = Foster?

The BBQ at the Deeken's went well. We were going to stay for just a bit, but Zack insisted on eating before we went home, so we stayed longed than expected. Then I went and picked up Cliff and Mare. They were sooo excited to see their grandson.

Today, Mare has been a huge help with Zack. I think she'd hold him all day long if 1) he didn't want to eat every 30 minutes, and 2) we'd let him out of our reach that much. The big event for the day was taking Zack and the dogs to the park where the plan was to play ball with Sierra, watch Foster run around aimlessly, and for me to play Cliffy in tennis (plus generally just to get out of the house). Between the wind and the morons taking BP on the field and trying to go yard into the schoolyard, playground, and tennis courts, Jess and her Mom turned back with Zack. I took Sierra and Foster home when they interrupted our tennis game by grabbing the balls. After that, I gave Cliffy a tennis lesson. He wasn't too hungry for dinner, because he had a big helping of pride to eat on the court.

So the night before Zack was born Jess was reading a web site about personalities and zodiac signs (he's a Taurus). When she was reading it, we thought she was describing Foster to a T. Ever since, we've be noticing that Zack seems to be very similar to Foster.

Here are a few observations:
  • They are both blond
  • They both seem willing to eat non-stop (hence why Foster has massive turkey neck)
  • They are both pretty lazy (Foster will lay down and sleep anywhere, anytime; Zack falls asleep when he is eating)
  • They both stretch and yawn a lot
  • They both make a lot of grunting noises
  • They are both flatulent (Zack smiles when he farts and since we all know farting is funny, this makes me laugh)
  • They both follow us around all the time (OK, so we're actually carrying Zack around, rather than him following)
  • They both get very calm when they lay in our laps
  • They both seem to have nightmares when sleeping and flail around
  • They both like to sleep in strange positions (Foster will get up against the chair in the living room on his back with his legs facing one direction and his head the other)
  • They both enjoy sleeping in bed between us (Foster seems to be learning that he has to stay at the base of the bed)
  • They are both very curious (Foster keeps sniffing Zack and when Zack chooses to open his big Blue Steel eyes, he looks all over the place trying to figure out what the heck is going on)
  • They are both stubborn (Foster will get kicked off the bed, walk around to the other side and jump back up; although Zack seems to be eating all the time, he prefers to do it on his schedule)
  • They've both been known to pee on others (Foster has peed on dogs at the dog park, which made me laugh; and I'm not going to name names, but Zack has peed on someone when getting changed, which also made me laugh)
  • They are both adorable and we love them so much

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Big Day

After getting home, we actually did have an eventful afternoon. We met with the contractor to review wrapping everything up in the kitchen, laundry, and bath. Power goes on Monday, so we can actually cook a REAL dinner Monday night (or at least we should).

The pups are big fans of the Zak (trying yet another spelling out). When Jess and Zak took their 1st nap at home, Foster tried to cuddle, but he got the boot. He was OK to sleep at the bottom of the bed though. Here are some pics of nap time, including Sierra guarding the bed.

After nap time was over, I brought the swing downstairs and Zak sat in it for a few minutes before TK and Africa came over. Zak seemed to take a liking to Africa, so I'm sure he'd be a fan of us taking them up on the offer to babysit.We did get in a group nap in the bed. Jeff was a big fan of the real bed rather than the little hospital chair he has been sleeping in.

Right now we're heading to the Deeken's for a BBQ, so this will be Zak's longest walk yet (3 blocks). I am, of course a little nercous that he will be too cold, but Jeff thinks its okay so we'll give it a go. Then at 11pm Zak gets to meet his 1st set of grandparents as Jess's folks are flying in. We can't wait for him to meet all of his big family!!!

We're Home..."Now What?"

We finally got out of the hospital. I was chompin' at the bit and wanted Jess to call the nurse station to pester them.

Then we loaded up the car and came home...Looks like I remembered what the CHP guy said about putting him in the car seat.

When we got home, I emptied out the car and we looked at each other and Jess said what we were both thinking, "Now what?" After a diaper change and a snack, it looks like some people were sleepy, and as expected, Sierra stood watch to make sure they were OK. Time for another nap...It will be good to be in a real bed and not a pull-out chair.

Ready to Go Home

We're so excited, because we're going home today. At 10am, they are going to discharge Jess and then Zak (we're testing out spelling variations) will follow. I'll be emptying out the room, since we packed enough to be here another week.

We're excited to take Zak home and introduce him to his dogs. Sierra and Foster were very interested in his smell, but as you can see, they liked his blanket. Foster was actually laying on it when I left to come back to the hospital.

Eric and Nadja stopped by with Sydney yesterday. I was excited for Zak to meet his 1st play buddy, but they both slept through the entire visit. Seriously, didn't even know the other was there.

The little guy keeps feeding, but he's still working on his technique. He's really strong though and pretty inquisitive. He also seems to have a lazy streak (falls asleep eating). Essentially, we think he's the human version of Foster. He has a couple nicknames too, when swaddled up we call him the "burrito" but the nurses said it's more tamale than burrito. Also when he wants to eat and he is on our chest/shoulder, he'll do the "woodpecker" where he head butts us rapidly.

Jess is doing a lot better too. She got her staples out this morning and is gaining mobility, so she'll be back to normal soon enough.

Right now we've got outfits ready for each of us to go home in and it's shower time for me, then Jess, then Zak.

Here are a few more pics to keep y'all happy.

Zak, you're getting sleepy...very sleepy...Whatcha lookin' at?
Raise your hand if you're sure
One person is sleepy...guess who