Saturday, June 13, 2009

City Boy

It started raining walking Zack to school Friday. Even though Zack wouldn't have cared if he got rained on, I couldn't be the bad dad that allowed that. So we came up with a solution and he held his own umbrella for the whole walk.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Been a Month

Yeah, legit, it's been a month since we updated this thing so we're probably overdue for an update.

So we're up in NY now for good. It's still not home, because the pups aren't here and we're in temp housing without all of our "stuff." Jess loves the lovely floral print furniture in our hotel though. Hey, at least we're getting Marriott point out of this thing.

Although Jess moved here a month ago, this was the 1st weekend we were actually in NY and it was gorgeous. This whole apartment hunt thing sucks, but Zack has been a trooper. We've walked all over the city and the little guy has behaved great, which is defined as running around bouncing off walls and making sure everyone pays attention to him. As opposed to the alternative of having a meltdown, we'll take it.

This morning, we began to realize we may be OK in this city this morning, even though there are still things we don't like. The odor of urine and trash makes the Tenderloin seem like a Glade air freshener and on the whole, the average New Yorker is an ass hole (case in point, Zack ditched a shoe going to daycare and not one person pointed it out to Jessie...probably the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard). We went for a family run and stopped at the Chelsea Waterfront playground to let Zack get out some energy and flirt with the little girls. A little 6-miler on the Westside Highway up to Riverside Park was the perfect start to the day. Of course we walked to look at apartments up there again in the afternoon, so we're getting plenty of exercise.

Zack has been busy as usual. After the sh*tshow that was me flying with him and the dogs to south Florida, he stayed with Cliffy and Mare for a week. He LOVED swimming every day...oh and he's a big fan of the lack of discipline with grandparents in general. Nap time, oh you don't want to nap...OK, no nap. Bed time, oh you don't want to sleep...OK, come watch TV. After a few days in NY, it was down to Atlanta for a wedding and staying with his other grandparents in the mansion. Zack was a big fan of the stairs, hiding things (a shoe got lost for 2 days), and tormenting Tripper. Last weekend was a trip to Baltimore, but now he's settling into NY life. He loves the subway (lots of people to pay attention to him). He likes to chase the winged rats, which he calls dog. Running up and down the hallway is fun and he's over his initial trepidation about getting in and out of the elevator. Oh and the lack of child-proof cabinets is his favorite.

Zack starts daycare tomorrow and we're certain he'll be happy to be playing with kids all day. We think he gets bored with us, especially if we make him sit in the stroller and look at apartments. Plus, maybe he won't learn so much. The kid is a sponge. He blew our mind today. So we live in a hotel and we have key cards to get in the room. He wanted out, so he grabbed a gift card, which we didn't realize he could get to, and went to the door with it. It took us a second to realize what he was doing, but that was the moment when we came to the realization, we have to be on our best behavior around him now. Damn!

Anyone that remembers Zack's days as a bulimic, when he couldn't gain weight would be happy to know he is a PIG! Feeding him is a 20-30 minute investment of time, because he keeps going. He has recently decided he likes bananas again and eats 2 a day. He's a big fan of spicy Mexican food. He's not much of a fan of Chinese food. He's a true southern boy and loves grits. He'd much prefer to drink from a water bottle or even a glass (need to stop leaving them on the coffee table) than a sippy cup. And of course he's still trying to steal my beers.

Alright, we'll try to be better about posting pictures, but here are some from Zack's Florida vacation.

Going for a run with the girls, but "seriously, why do grandmas dress babies so weird?"

"Silly Foster was scared of the pool. Sierra wouldn't get out."

"I know it's not a real sport, but I played basketball with my Grumpy."

"I'm on a boat! (And yes I got my flippy floppies)"

Me, Mom, and my aunts (by the way the word is NOT pronounced ANT)."

My 1st trip to the beach.

"This is fun!"

Zack didn't understand the concept of waves...or unexposed midriffs.

"I got Daddy's glasses."