Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Z-3 months old!

Big Z was 3 months old on Wednesday! I would like someone to tell me where the time goes?! I really just can't believe it! He is just getting so big everyday...makes me sad and proud all at the same time. He is really strong, and so curious, just loves looking around and taking everything in. He holds his head up so well that we are facing out in the bjorn now (or the turtle pack as Uncle Greg describes it) so he can see the world from Mommy and Daddy's perspective, rather than staring at our chests! He loves reaching for toys on his playmat, especially the ones that light up and play music! He has developed quite the personality!

Here is Aunt Janet with Zack on his "3 month day"!

Janet, Jeff's sister, is 25 weeks preggo, expecting a little boy in November. We are so excited to meet little Spencer (that's his name for now) and for Zack to have a cousin so close in age. Janet's visit was good "practice" as our little guy was not his usual happy self. He was, in fact, quite needy and quite fussy! We took his temperature twice while she was here, just making sure he didn't have a fever...that's how out of sorts he seemed. We think he had a little something going on with his tummy...he vomited a couple of times and was a bit constipated but have no fear...when he decided to finally go, we have a great story! I went to go change his diaper, and apparently we wasn't done going...yup, I totally got pooped on! All over the changing table and his cute little Calvin Klein outfit (damnit!) at this point Janet is already laughing at me. I was pretty calm considering...cleaned it all up, and was getting ready to put his new diaper on when, yup, you got it, he Peed EVERYWHERE...on his tummy, his face, everywhere! And then he giggled!!! So glad you find that amusing Zachary! So at this point we were 2 for 2, can't get any better right? WRONG! I get him all ready for his bath and he pukes all over! So we were 3 for 3. Welcome to motherhood Janet!!!! She did great with him and got to see that not all days are as easy as maybe my blog makes them seem. On a positive note, he is back to his happy, smiley self! He didn't cry at all yesterday until we put him down to bed (as per usual!)...

Here is Janet's little baby bump!

We are still on the hunt for a nanny. Interviewed 1 yesterday (ella no comprendo o habla englis, es muy dificul a entientamos)...I think I said she doesn't speak or understand english so it was very difficult for us to understand each other. I think it is safe to say she is out...although Zack and the dogs seemed to like her very much, so you never know. I guess the most important thing is that they love, love, love your baby...but it sure would be nice to have one that also could communicate to me what they did everyday! UGH! We are interviewing 2 comes with very high references from a single Dad, which I am taking very seriously. I swear I get more and more picky with the more people I talk to. Cross your fingers one of the women tonight wins our hearts!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Update-12 weeks old

Uncle Greg and Aunt Lauren came to visit this weekend from Atlanta. We had a fabulous time, and Zack was a trooper. He did his usual "I don't want to take a nap and miss out on anything" on Friday but was really good while we toured around the city, visited the seals at Pier 39, had lunch at Park Chalet, and a walked to see the Bison in Golden Gate Park. He really loved visiting with his Aunt and Uncle. He was so good that he even allowed us to go a baseball game on Friday night even though it was past his bedtime. A big Thank you to Zack for being so good and to Greg and Lauren for being so flexible with scheduling things so we could see how The Boss Zack was going to act! ;-)

Saturday we went to Wine Country and I think Zack was a little bored, it was, afterall his third time up there. We had a blast at Ledson (Z slept most of the time-making up for Friday's lack of naps!)...Greg showed everyone how to "chug" a $68/bottle glass of wine filled to the top! Silly Uncle Greg, always entertaining! We took it easy Saturday night so Zack could make his regular bedtime. And then today we picked up Aunt Janet from the airport, and spent the afternoon visiting with her at the house. Another fun weekend for the Goslin's! Life is good, can't complain...that's for sure!

Janet, Greg, and Jeff with Zack
Love my carseat!
With Aunt Lauren and Uncle Greg
Family photo at Ledson
Say Cheese!

The boys at the game-Greg, Zack, Jeff
Outside the Park
Hiking behind the house

Here are some pics to remind me why we live in this beautiful city.
The Golden Gate Bridge
Sailboats at the Embarcadero
The Ballfield
The windmill at Golden Gate Park

Monday, July 21, 2008


Having a fabulous time in Florida with Zack's grandparents and Aunties! Aunt Abby from Atlanta even came down to surprise us and meet her new nephew. Zack has been pretty good, but really hates taking naps and missing out on anything so evenings have been fussy time. We are so sad to have to go back to cold San Francisco but are so excited that Uncle Greg and Aunt Lauren are coming out visit this weekend. The summer of fun continues! I have taken a million pictures and will upload them to ofoto are a few...

Zack in his camo
Zack as Superman
In his usual "sit like a big boy" pose
relaxing on a towel
Sitting with grandma and grandpa (name still TBD)
Hanging with 'Ris
With Uncle Chuck and Aunt Cathy
With Daddy for my first swim (and by swim we mean enough time for a picture)
With Aunt Abby
Taking a nap with Wyatt (8 mos. old) And lastly, Jeff and Jess on their big night out...flip cup at the bar with the young'ins...we did quite well...don't make fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

3 in one day

yes folks that's right. together jeff and i have posted3 times today! i guess we are making up for slacking off last week! here are some pics from today (10.5 weeks old)...

why does dale look so scared?
Tummy Time
Cuddle time with Foster

Mom with the boys

Zack's Photo Shoot

We had some professional photos taken of Zack on June 29th. He was 8 weeks are a few...enjoy!

Where'd He Get That From?

So Zack does a lot of things, some cute, some ugly, some make us laugh, some annoying. We've been trying to identify where he inherited the traits from. Of course some are from me and some are from Jess, but we noticed something odd...a number of things he does are a spitting image of Greg. If he was out here last August, I think I'd have some questions for him...

Expressions & Mannerisms
  • Grin, which has been described as "sh*t eating" "lady killing" and "mischievous" all at once -- Got that from Daddy & Uncle Greg
  • Terrible, I'm pathetic and going to cry face (the one he was doing even in his ultrasound) -- 100% Mommy
  • Pensive Look -- I guess Daddy
  • Confused Look -- Daddy
  • Sucking His Hand -- Uncle Greg (and let's hope this one doesn't develop into finger sucking until the 8th grade!!!)
  • Arm Up Over His Head -- Daddy (I never realized that I did this, but sure enough if I'm pissed off, I will literally get up in arms - happens at hockey games; also I've noticed that I will sometimes sleep like this)
  • Demanding -- Mommy and to a lesser extend, Daddy
  • Stubbornness -- Mommy & Daddy
  • Morning Person -- Definitely NOT Mommy!
  • Ability to Fall Asleep Anywhere -- Daddy & Uncle Greg
  • Clumsy (Zack flails and often punches himself) -- Uncle Greg & Mommy
  • Overeating -- Uncle Greg (or me at a churascarria/lobster bake)
  • Eating So Fast He Forgets to Breathe -- Greg
  • Comfort Eating -- Uncle Greg
  • Messy Eater -- Mommy & Uncle Greg
  • Picky Eater (only using certain bottles) -- Mommy & Daddy
  • Mouth -- Mommy
  • Nose -- Daddy
  • Eyes -- Mommy & Daddy (but only when I was a baby with blue eyes)
  • Chin -- Daddy
  • Neck -- Foster (yeah, he's chubby and totally has Foster neck
Hobbies (things that really amuse Zack)
  • Farting -- In order, Uncle Greg, Daddy, & Mommy
  • Peeing on Mommy -- No comment
  • Peeing on Himself -- ???
  • Boobs -- No comment
  • Bath Time -- Daddy (he'll be SCUBA diving in no time)
  • Staring at the Fish (above his swing) -- Daddy and Mommy
  • Being Nekkid -- Definitely Daddy
  • Licks from Foster -- Not Daddy, so it must be Mommy
  • Refusing to Take Naps -- Daddy
  • Being a Total Attention Whore -- Mostly Foster
  • Headbutting -- Daddy (Greg should remember me using this one on him when we fought as kids. If only I knew wrestling wasn't real and that would hurt me as much as him)
  • Explosive Diarrhea (a recent issue we've been dealing with) -- Uncle Greg

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Porker!

Took little chubbers to his 2 month old check up yesterday and he is doing so well! Big and strong at 22.5 inches long and 11 pounds 6 ounces! Go Zack!

He was showing off for the Doc and actually rolled over onto his back from his little cobra "tummy time" position!!! She was so impressed, and of course Jeff and I were so proud, and excited to be there together for this little milestone!

Interviewed a nanny today...anyone need a job? The going rate is $16 to $18 an hour! Very competitive...2 weeks paid vacay, 5 sick days, and you even get paid when we are on vacation!!! I don't go back to work until Sept but we are already interviewing since we really want to find just the perfect person to watch Zack while we are at work....and the good ones go fast, very fast!

That's the for a walk!