Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decision Time

We let Zack make the decision on moving. We were torn and really couldn't come to a decision, so we decided to let Zack decide. We took 5 pieces of paper and had SF, NY, or CLT on the (NY and SF got double weighting), put them on the floor and let Zack grab one. Watch to see if and where we are moving.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a Miracle

So Zack finally got over his laziness and walked. We've been trying to get him to walk forever. He just pushed everything around the house, but refused to walk. FINALLY, he decided to stop being so lazy. His form is shaky and it's kind of a falling run, but we count it. Here's a video or you can peep them (and videos of him from when he was just pushing toys around the house) on DropShots (

That was great, but something even cooler happened this week. So, I think a lot of people know that Zack has gotten several bad report cards at daycare for hitting or biting other kids. It's sucks to go look at his report card and see "Note on Back." Jess picked him up yesterday and Zack had a note. The story is that one of his friends decided he wanted Zack's toy and he hit Zack (gave him a little scratch below his eye). Usually the kid that gets beaten on, cries and hands the toy over. Zack made me proud though and fought back. My guess is he kicked that kids ass and chased him off. I'm thinking of sewing fighting straps onto his clothes to give him an advantage in scrapping. That's my boy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Playing in the yard

The weather was sooooo nice today so we all got to hang outside in the back yard and play. I love being dirty!!! Oh, and as far as development, I am doing a really weird running walk type thing now but I fall every single time.