Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brody-4 weeks old

So what have we been up to?
Well, this was our first week of "tummy time".
Brody is NOT a fan. In fact, he has already taught himself to roll over just so that he doesn't have to be on his tummy, as you can see below.

We start like this....

and we end up like this!
What else? B went to his first Giants game last night. Always tough to get a good family photo these days, but here's one where Jeff and I are both smiling and have our eyes open....but Z isnt looking....oh well!

I took Brody to get weighed yesterday and was able to confirm that he is indeed a good eater. He weighed in at 9 lbs 13 oz! (At 2 weeks he was only 8 lbs) Woo hoo! Good job Brody (and Mommy too)! I am a firm believer that big well fed babies are happy babies, and tend to sleep better. In fact, last night, Brody slept from 930 to 230--a solid 5 hours! I went to bed at 10 so I was thrilled when I woke up "well rested" after 4.5 hours!

Everyone has been asking what do I do all day, and I think this is a great question. The reality is, I have no idea! Brody wakes up to eat around 530. We go back to sleep around 630, when Daddy is getting up and ready for work. Zack wakes up around 730 and comes in to "snuggle". We watch an episode of Diego (or Zack does and I continue to sleep) and then Zack and I get up to get dressed and have breakfast and let Brody sleep. Brody wakes up btwn 830 and 9 and I feed him while Zack watches another tv show, this morning it was Nihao Kilan. We leave for school some time around 930 or 10. Then B and I usually run 1 errand (yesterday doctor, today pharmacy, some days a quick walk in the park). We are home for Brody to eat again by noon. After this it it all a blur until 5 when we leave to go get Zack!

I am so excited for my 2 very good friends to have their babies this week so that in a month or so Brody and I will be able to schedule some "play dates" or walking/work out dates for Mommy. Kelly and Casey are going in on Thursday for a c section and Elaine and Dale are going in Thursday to be induced. So 2 new friends for Brody are coming very very soon! Yippee!

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