Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fun at the Pumkin Festival

Got the boys dressed up in their Halloween best for a little pumpkin festival down in Half Moon Bay.

From Zacks perspective, as he said, "Dad, I had a really nice weekend"...well of course he did....lets see, he climbed a rock wall, jumped in 2 bouncy houses, went down a big slide, met some firemen and got to check out the drivers seat of a "really big fire truck", rode a pony and a train, and even got to eat a big chocolate covered doughnut.

From our perspective...$8 on parking, $5 on the rock wall, $5 on the jumpy houses, $1 on the slide, $6 for the pony, $5 for the train and $1 for the doughnut. Oh wait, forgot to mention, $20 on mimosas to make it all bearable. $51...not too bad for a sunday. HAHAHA!

Really, we went with very dear friends of ours and laughed alot...We had a wonderful time watching Zack enjoy himself and taking lots of pictures.

Zack and Baby Brody

A little kiss for Baby Brody because "mommy, he's starting to get fussy"
Hey look, a pirate pumpkin. Arrrggg!
Zack and the babies
The obligatory family photo at the pumpkin patch
Climbing the rock wall


KDoug said...

I love the way you wrote this post. So funny yet so true!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeffy is that a bald spot on the back of your head?

DaleandElaine said...

I love this post from two different perspectives. Next year, ONLY the pumpkin patch (and maybe the one in the city - haha!). But we had lots of great laughs and some good pictures :). And Zack had an amazing time so that is priceless!!